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Lay Your Office Right

Choosing work stations and executive desks is a task that quite essentially equals determining the layout and nature of the office. It can be a deciding factor in whether you opt for cubicles or if an open plan office would work better for you; whether you need to invest in additional storage facilities or if you’re well provided for already. As any office design expert can tell you,

A well-planned, personalized work environment and perceptively engineered furniture makes all the difference in an employee’s output and overall productivity.

The task might seem quite daunting, so here’s are a set of concerns you must consider while looking to find the perfect desk:

    • Compile a List of all your Work Needs
      An office desk or workstation is perhaps the most utilitarian piece of office furniture. Keeping this in mind, make a comprehensive list of all your basic work needs, along with all the equipment and technology that you must make space for, like a laptop, printer, filing cabinet, etc. Make sure to find furniture that have the means to accommodate all of these.
      The nature of your work is a major factor when it comes to an office desk. A fashion designer may need a lot of desk space and a variety of storage for various sample boards and catalogues, while an insurance agent might need a set of secure filing cabinets. Consulting an expert in smart office design can help you get your priorities sorted.


    • Be Clear About the Space Layout
      The basic idea of office design, especially when there is a space constraint, is thinking about how best to use the space that’s available to you. Having a clear layout plan ready before choosing the office desks is important, as this will determine the size, nature, and flexibility of the furniture pieces that you will choose.Choosing a work desk for a home office is relatively easy, as the small scale makes the task much more flexible. But when it comes to full-fledged offices, an expert opinion just might come in handy. A consultant can help you plan your space keeping in mind concerns that you may not have thought of; such as how to position your furniture so as to make the best use of the natural light available, sorting out where each department can work best, and which is the optimal space to have your conference and meeting rooms.


    • Balance Both Form and Function
      An office by itself requires a lot of different pieces of furniture. Maintaining a constant theme throughout the furniture can help maintain a sense of unity in your furniture. For example, having a walnut veneered surface finish on your workstations, executive desks, console tables and reception desk can bring together a feeling of unity within the office. Keeping a constant theme, be it in terms of colour, material, finishes or motifs can help avoid a mismatched looking office.


    • Keep your Budget in Mind
      Finance might be an issue, especially if the company is a startup. You must be well aware of how much your company can afford to spend on furniture. This can help your consultant narrow down on the type of furniture to look for beforehand. A design consultant can help you compare features and prices from different suppliers in order to get the best product that fits well within your budget.


    • Choose Furniture That Work for You
      In today’s market, a customer is spoilt for choice when it comes to office furniture. How then to choose the desk that’s best for you?The idea is to always have your mode of operation in mind. Consider your daily work routine. Compare it with every piece that you consider purchasing. Does it meet your needs? Can it help me function more effectively? Will it make me a more efficient worker?

      A good work station integrates technology effectively.

      Beyond your laptop and printer, think about every single electronic component that aid yourIn the habit of a morning coffee? Find a desk with any easily cleaned surface that doesn’t stain. Keep your storage needs in mind, and make sure to choose an ergonomic workstation; or even a standing desk if that’s what works for you! A set of height adjustable desks can work wonders for you if you’re a fidgety employee who would appreciate flexibility in your work routine.


    • Opt for Furniture that Portray You and Your Brand Identity
      This where you consider aesthetics. Find a desk that reflects your style. Would you prefer a desk that’s classic or fancy? Wood has a very homely feel, while glass and steel give off a minimalist, industrial vibe. Try incorporating your Brand identity and color scheme into your furniture choices; or work with an expert who can do that for you. Choosing a common aesthetic for your desks, work stations, and other furniture can help you achieve a holistic look.


    • Choose Furniture that are both Flexible and Functional
      Choose furniture with multiple functionalities and modular application. For example, the Miranda Series takes customization to the extreme, offering a wide variety of option in finishes, application, worktops, size and dimension. The versatile nature of these systems are designed in such a way that they allow for you to create workstation clusters within an open office space; forming visual barriers and essentially demarcating ecosystems within a holistic office.Ask yourself these questions:Does this desk answer all my storage needs?
      Are the drawers smooth to operate? Are they noisy?
      Are you able to freely stretch your legs under the desk after a tedious hour of work?
      An easy way to answering these questions is to have your workforce try out different desks and workstation units. Factors like comfort and function may depend on several factors, such as the nature of work and physical characteristics, and these may be difficult to identify while flipping through a brochure. Good companies offer services where you can have a trial of their product; making good use of this can help you find the furniture that works best for your company. A smart-looking desk is great, but if it isn’t functional it can hamper your productivity rather than assist it.


  • Don’t Forget about Filing and Storage!
    In an effective office, everything has its own space.Keep your storage needs in mind while selecting office furniture. There’s no point to a good looking desk if it’s constantly piled up with paperwork and work supplies.In case of a restricted space, consider making use of vertical space like walls and columns to install storage units. For a busy office, having a highly effective storage system in place means utilizing every last square inch of space. The best way to go about this is to invest in customized storage solutions. By having cabinets tailor-made for your office, you can be sure to utilize all of the space that’s available to you; incorporate features best suited to your needs, and they can be made to match your office theme and company colours.Consider the mode of storage that your company employs. Do you require a lot of shelving, or are most of your company’s data recorded and stored digitally? The M6 range offers a lot of flexibility in this regard, making it possible to combine work surfaces, file storage, pedestal cabinets and other options to adapt your office to the best your needs. Make full use of storage drawers and cabinets to keep you organized. Moveable cabinets may give you additional flexibility in the workspace. Also consider security and the sensitive nature of the files.These are a few tips you can consider while looking for that perfect office desk. Now once you have everything in place, stick to it! Choosing the right set of workstations help your team put their best foot forward, and help them thrive as a collective. Giving care to the finer details from the start saves on future expense and effort; and help you put together a conductive work environment that actually inspires you to work.For a more particular design inspiration, leaf through The Furniture Label’s expansive office collections.

What are the coolest tables for a start-up company?

The furniture and look of your company should reflect you and what your company stands for. As a start-up, the desks and workstations you choose for your office should be as vibrant and fresh as your outlook. Look for minimalistic, simple desks that can accentuate your office. FLEX panel system is a cost-effective desking & workstation system that combines together to reinterpret the traditional system of office furniture; combining the attributes of classic furniture with the functionality of modern systems in a budget-friendly collection. If you have a space crunch, look for modular multi-functional pieces. You can even opt for flexible height adjustable tables that allow you to work in any position that you like; something as dynamic as your company is!

What is the best way to find and buy office desks in bulk?

The first step is to find a trusted consultant; someone who can help you find the best desk that answers every one of your needs, be it a sleek desktop in a chrome finish or a heavyset executive desk in solid oak. An experienced consultant will be well connected and can easily help you find suppliers for bulk orders, and professionals for safe conveyance and assembly.

What are my options for modern office desks?

To find the modern desk that’s best for you, you must be aware of what you require first. An ideal desk must optimize all of the available space, encourage mobility and collaboration, and enhance your workspace. An ideal example of this is the HAZI Series; which helps you find the perfect balance between privacy and collective collaboration. It is a catalyst for team work, with perfectly spaced out units that let you perform your best. It consists of an interplay of fabric walls and wooden surfaces as visualbarriers; sleek work surfaces and convenient storage solutions.