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Office Chairs

If you are looking to buy Office Chair not sure if you should buy a Mesh Office Chair, Leather Office Chair, or Fabric Office Chair? We can help! Please Call Us.

Whether you require a Home Office Chair, Task Chair, Conference Room Chair, or Meeting Room Chair visit The Furniture Labels for Best Office Chair in Dubai, UAE. Our selection of Ergonomic Office Chairs will deliver the modern-day office staff with the essentials. Please speak to us today and find the right chair for you.
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Office Chairs

Premium Office Chairs - Dubai

An office chair isn’t a regular purchase, so when you do buy one, it’s important to find one with features that are perfect for you, (your back!) and your needs.

At the Furniture Labels, we pride ourselves on being a top choice as an office design support system. Our curated collection of ergonomic chairs are rich in features – adjustable, flexible, well designed products – all for the perfect price!

Our Desk Chairs have (literally) got your back

Each well designed, top quality product brings you the best of comfort, well within budget. With excellent design and due consideration for aesthetics and posture health, we create pro-task-inators in the work space!

Form, Function and Perfect Construction

We have a product for every user and every setting: corporate offices, home offices or retail sector. We bring only the latest in terms of technology and design, so you can choose from a wide collection of comfortable products with optimum features: adjustable height, a versatile headrest and optimum support for your low back, all at the perfect price!

Stress Free Office Furniture Shopping

Whether you work from a home office or a commercial office, finding the right desk and chairs for your needs can be a concern. These are important aspects of the base of office design and is worthy of your attention.

The Office Chair Checklist

In the post pandemic corporate world, a lot of workers operate from their homes. A dining chair or a regular computer chair aren’t great options for the long run, which is why one should consider investing in an ergonomic office chair (your backs will thank you!). Here’s everything you need to consider to while choosing the perfect ergonomic office chairs.

1. Seat height and width

An ideal chair should be flexible and adjustable to suit each user. The ideal sitting position is one where the chair is adjusted so as your thighs are parallel to the floor. To make this easier, look for a pneumatic seat height adjustment level when choosing an office chair.

2. Lumbar Support

Pick an office chair that supports the base of your spine and the natural contour of your back. The best office chairs for the human back have a firm support at the base of your spine which stops you from slouching and developing a bad posture as the long office day progresses.

3. Armrest Comfort

Arm rests take some of the strain off your neck and shoulders when work hours are long and one is seated for a long time. Make sure to choose a chair with adjustable arm rests that allow you to rest your elbows at an angle where your posture doesn’t slouch.

4. Mobility with Swivel and Caster Wheels

A good office chair allows you flexible mobility and leaves you free to do a wide range of tasks without hinderance. Make sure that the chairs rotation mechanism is free and smooth. When choosing a chair with casters, also consider the flooring material in the office space. Casters that roll smoothly on a hardwood or tiled floor might not always work as well on a carpeted floor. For fuzzy, lumpy or uneven surfaces, choose a chair with bigger casters.

5. Material and Build Quality

Choose a material that suits your body type, dressing style, and the overall aesthetic of the office space. Breathable fabrics or a mesh back are great choices for long term sitting. Make sure to get a chair with the right amount and firmness of padding – one that is too hard is uncomfortable and a chair that’s too soft wouldn’t offer proper support.

Getting a sturdy chair with good build quality is a good investment for long term results. The best product is the one that serves you well and for a long time.

Don't forget Visitor Chairs!

It’s equally important to seat visitors well in your office – a lot of our curated collection offers executive, visitor and high back office chairs as variations of the same model. Getting a matching set looks really great in an office setting and shows that you care about the comfort and wellbeing of your clients and visitors.

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We've got you (and the furniture!) sorted

There are a lot of options out there, and good office chairs and desks can boost productivity. You might feel confused – should you opt for a leather or fabric finish? What’s the difference between a mesh back and padded fabric? What is the new standard for a home office? Is seat height really an important factor? No more questions and second guesses, because we’re here to help. We have been supporting the UAE workforce for years, delivering only the very best products that are well worth their price.

Bring a pop of color into your workplace

Although black and grey are popular colors for office chairs, modern office design has seen an increased use of color in office furniture to make the space vibrant and interesting.

Choose a durable product that also brings life to your office from our premium collection featuring the best material and build quality. Replace a boring black work chair with a WAU office chair in the shade ‘Mango’ for an instant transformation!

We cover the ABCs and the AED

Regardless of whether you prefer to shop online more or would like to experience our product in person, we help you choose products with the best features and we’re always enthusiastic for a visitor to try our products.

We have always prioritized user satisfaction, and are eager to see results firsthand. Your employees put in a lot of hours, and good office chair might be the encouragement they need to bring in even more results.

We take pride in being able to provide every client with top products at a very reasonable price. We’re more than just a supplier – with the best product and the best price, we have a complete solution for every commercial design need.

Spoilt for Choice

Whether you require Home Office Desk Chairs, Task Chair, Conference Room Chair, or Meeting Room Chair, visit The Furniture Labels for top grade office desk Chairs in Dubai, UAE.


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