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Design and Space Planning

Yes, a lot of excitement and ideas arises when redesigning a workspace (look & feel). However, the aesthetic appearance of the space is just one element that needs to be considered.  As we all know real (leased or rented) estate isn’t cheap, so it is important that your space is designed and planned carefully.

We at The Furniture Labels take time to understand the needs of your company and how it operates;

  • Which people will work together most often? Seat people who do related work in the same area, so they can accomplish their tasks efficiently.
  • Which department do they make frequent trips too? Make it convenient for workers to get to their most frequent destinations.
  • Which look and feel (design/aesthetics) communicates your message?

Do they spend a lot of time on the phone and need a quiet space? Place workers in proximity to the tools they need to be fully productive and give them an area where they can concentrate.

Considering all the above practices we present you with efficient and cost-effective workspace plans and ideas, that perfectly meet the requirements of your people and business.