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As the saying goes, first impressions always stick around. This is why having an effective reception area in place is of utmost importance to your corporate office. Ensuring a positive first impression the second a visitor step through the door is key. To achieve this, you need to make sure that a personal touch accompanies the furniture placement, decor and utility while designing your space.

Making sure that this space sends across the exact message that you wish to convey requires a thorough planning of every last detail.

While designing an effective reception area, make sure that fulfill the following checklist:

  • A Functional Layout
    A well-considered reception area design requires a practical layout that balances aesthetics and purpose.  The general look and feel that you display in your reception area should ideally appeal to the tastes of the clientele who will be frequenting this space, while representing the image of your company as well. This could vary between cozy, inventive, sleek or striking.
  • Practical Design
    The lobby is a space that has to manage frequent and consistent foot traffic. Plan around this issue by ensuring that you incorporate stylish but practical elements that can survive considerable wear and tear. Make sure to plan ahead on how you can limit visible clutter, with effective storage solutions incorporated into the design scheme.
  • Quality furniture is never a wasted investment when it comes to office furniture; and spending on a custom-made reception desk or plush visitor chairs just might prove to be the determining factor that gives you an edge above competition. Choosing fun lighting fixtures will complete the look.

  • A Central Reception Desk
    Ensure that the reception desk is the focus of the lobby. Its style, shape and size will determine many of your other decor choices. There is no limit when it comes to procuring a desk that makes a statement; you may even choose to invest in a bespoke reception counter design that is tailor-made to embody your brand.In terms of placement, a desk facing the entry way creates an atmosphere of pleasant, immediate greeting; while orienting it at an angle to the door conveys a more formal setting. Choosing the materials for all your main furnishings to complement the reception desk helps you achieve a cohesive look; and it is important that you make sure to find the perfect furniture that meet your expectations of durability and visual appeal.
  • Effective Branding
    The reception area often acts as the face of your company. This is why the lobby should also reflect your brand beside comfort and practicality. Consider incorporating the brand’s colour scheme into the design as much as possible; and incorporate the brand logo on design elements with customized furniture that embody your brand.
  • A Welcoming Atmosphere
    You must always consider the atmosphere you wish to create within the space. Imagine the experience of your guest when they come into your building, and consider how they’d like to be greeted and seated. Decide what you wish the lobby to say about the company overall, and use that philosophy to guide your design choices. Would you prefer to come across as demure or edgy? Vibrantly colourful or monochrome?

Regardless of whether they’re dropping in for the first time or the hundredth, the visitor must always feel welcomed and at ease. For potential business partners and job candidates, the design is particularly important; their experience in your office space could make all the difference in their decision to work with your company. We can simplify the whole process by working with you to put together a lobby that is comfortable, spacious, and aligns perfectly with your brand.

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