Putting together a functional training room firstly requires breaking away from the idea of classroom style chairs around a boring round table. Your training room must reflect a sense of vitality and flexibility. It should be a space for meetings, collective brainstorming sessions, or even an office event like birthday celebrations – a space that truly promotes company culture.

  • The purpose of the space

Always keep in mind who the users of the space will be and try to ensure their maximum comfort. Firstly, get aidea of the numbers. Have a rough estimate of how many people you will need to accommodate. If you have a manufacturing or supply unit, you wouldn’t necessarily need as fancy a training room as you would if you had a trading company with a lot of sales and marketing staff and host events regularly. Be mindful of the room’s dimensions and invest in furniture appropriately.

  • Choose an appropriate space

Have a clear idea of the space you’ve leased or acquired to accommodate your office, and designate areas accordingly. Select a space that’s spacious, airy, and removed from the rest of the busy office; far enough to ensure that distractions are at a minimum. If you’re tight for space, have the room soundproofed professionally. Ensure that the acoustics in the room are well-suited to addressing a large gathering.

  • Plan a holistic design scheme

How would you personify your brand? If you want your company to come off as quirky and fun, you should go for a light-hearted and casual scheme with a light atmosphere and vibrant colors; If you prefer a more serious and dignified approach, a polished look and muted colors are the right choice for you.

Using the right color in design correlates with the vibe of the space. The color red is said to evoke aggression, while blue is associated with relaxation and comfort. Regardless of what scheme you use, make sure your inspiration balances authenticity.

  • Have Comfortable Seating

Invest in chairs that are ergonomic, adaptable and within your means. Unlike office chairs which are usually used by a single user for a long period of time, training room chairs have multiple users of varying statures and build at any given time; the primary challenge is to ensure every user finds the seat comfortable. Choose chairs with a sturdy back and plush cushioning. A chair with a striking appearance gives a sense of authority and lends character to the space; helping you leave a lasting impression.

If you have specific tastes, finding a chair might be hard. Consult with a specialist who is already familiar with all the products in the market, who can consider your needs and suggest products accordingly.

Try to opt for well-designed multi-purpose furniture when you can; ones that are stackable and can be moved out of the way in case you need to utilize the space for other purposes.

Todays training and teaching programs are heavily dependent on technology and electronics. A good training room must make sure that modern technological amenities are well incorporated in the space.

The projection screen should be the point of focus, with all the furniture and layout faced towards it. Ensure the lighting (both natural and artificial) do not interfere or create a glare on the screen. Make sure that the screen is at a comfortable distance from the audience. If you aren’t too sure about how, an expert can help you, or get a rough idea using an AV Distance Calculator app. A projector and a smart audio system are a necessity today, and having a smart-board installed can prove to be avital tool during critical meetings.

Sometimes, finding the furniture that’s best for you might prove difficult. We can help – we create bespoke designs custom-made to suit your specifications. We design and fabricate furniture designed to suit your aesthetics, incorporating custom features to maximize convenience.

Designing a training room is about flexible application, spatial considerations, and other general appeal. It should be a comfortable space to cooperate, pool resources and brainstorm. An effective training room works as a collaborative space, boosting a collective corporate culture. We are experts at designing and supplying office and training room furniture in the UAE. Our products are best designed to make the most of the space, with size and storage in mind.

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