An office lounge offers something every overworked employee desperately needs: a break from the office desk; something that reminds them of home. In the post-pandemic world, many employees world-wide have started working remotely from a home office. It took two years of lock-down and a global pandemic for the corporate world to realize that a formal office set-up is not compulsory to keep a company running efficiently. In fact, recent studies conducted on employees between the age of 18 and 34 say that 34% of employees in this age group prefer working from an office lounge area than at their office desks.

A relaxing and vibrant lounge area is a must for any office that prioritizes its employees’ health and wellness. An office lounge may seem unimportant (because that isn’t where the work is done!) but if done right, it can boost productivity and employee output in the long run.

A lounge area in an office speaks a lot for the company’s reputation. It says that you care about your employees and it motivates them to perform better. With younger employees preferring to work in spaces like these, lounge areas are set to be the creative hubs of the offices of tomorrow.

A Lounge Area doesn’t mean ‘living room furniture’

Remember, we are aiming for comfort and style; we don’t want the lounge to be a place to laze around. Create a space where employees feel refreshed and less stressed, where staff can come for a break to relax, but is also equipped to host employees who’d prefer to work from there as well. The perfect office lounge area is one that is equipped with sofas and comfortable furniture, ample storage and inspired interior design that motivates the users.

  • An open and comfortable layout

The space you create should be versatile and multi-functional. It should be a space to step out for a break, have lunch or host informal meetings. Try to have plenty of space to fit most (if not all) of your employees for small and informal events.

Do not create unnecessary partitions as this can take away from the spaciousness of the space. Try to incorporate modular furniture when possible, which can be rearranged according to requirement.

  • Workspaces and Extra Seating

Although the primary purpose of a lounge is for employees to relax and take a break, it can also be utilized as an extra workspace in the case of an unexpected space crunch or for the occasional group work. Some employees might find a lounge area more inspiring and conductive for creative thought than a stuffy cubicle. An employee’s state of mind and mental wellness contributes greatly to productivity so it is important that you provide the best environment for them to work and perform.

  • Bring the Outdoors Inside!

There is something very comforting about greenery and plants indoors. Whether your office follows a contemporary design scheme or makes use of classic design and color scheme, indoor plants and shrubs always make the space seem fresh and new.

  • Break out of your comfort zone

Your lounge doesn’t always have to follow the design scheme of the rest of the office unit. The whole idea behind the space is to give employees and office staff a break, so you might as well make it seem as different from the rest of the office as you can!

Imagine a rustic breakout room with wooden tables and chairs, soft bean bags and colorful bar stools at the center of a monochrome office with predominantly metal finishes. Contrasting the office lounge with the rest of the office is great way to break the monotony and truly fulfill the purpose of the space.

We supply and manufacture beautiful contemporary lounge furniture in a wide range of style and color. Regardless of whether you’re looking for decorative pieces or classic lounge furniture with functional features and muted color, we’ve got something for you at the perfect price. All our quality products are beautiful, versatile and pocket-friendly – we’ve got the perfect piece for every office and every budget.

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