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The Furniture Labels is the best office chairs Dubai supplier for you. If you’re looking for furniture that’s friendly on your back and easy on the pocket, we’re the supplier for you. Shop for all ergonomic chairs Dubai -modern conference chairs, arm chairs, executive chairs, leisure chairs, and much more!

Ergonomic Office Chairs for the Modern Workspace

Office chairs play a huge role in improving workplace productivity and comfort. The ideal office chair will give you physical support and contribute to a conducive work environment. For businesses seeking top-quality office chairs in Dubai online, The Furniture Labels is the perfect choice. We’re your reliable office chairs supplier in Dubai – with our extensive range of ergonomic products to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love!

The Perfect Office Chairs Checklist

Here’s everything you need to consider when shopping for an office chair:

Types of Office Chairs

“Office Chairs” is an umbrella term. To find the perfect chair for you, you need to first know what you’re looking for in terms of need and utility. Here are the common types of office chair:

Executive Chairs: Designed for top-level executives, these chairs are the best in terms of comfort and luxury. These are available in premium finishes, padded seats, and ergonomic adjustments.

Ergonomic Chairs: These chairs are designed to promote proper posture and provide spine and lumbar support. Ergonomic chairs can be modified to suit the user and come with adjustable height, armrests, and backrests.

Mesh Chairs: Mesh chairs have a breathable mesh backrest that keeps you cool and comfortable. Sleek and stylish mesh chairs are a popular choice for modern office design.

Task Chair: Task Chairs are designed for the everyday hard worker. They are best suited for daily desk work as they provide good back support. A good task chair is versatile and adjustable and offers enough mobility for the average office worker.

Conference Chair: The conference chair is designed for meeting rooms and conference areas. These are comfortable, with padded seats and backs, and come in variations with features like swivel and casters for easy mobility.

Guest Chair: Guest chairs are used in reception areas, waiting rooms, and meeting spaces. They are often without armrests and ideal for short-term seating.

Stacking Chair: Stacking chairs are a great option for small and multi-purpose spaces. They save a lot of space as they can easily be stacked when not in use. 

Drafting Chair: Drafting chairs, also known as standing desk chairs, are designed for use with elevated work surfaces or drafting tables. They typically have taller seat heights and footrests.

Buy Modern Office Chairs in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi

Are you on the lookout for the finest office chairs in Dubai? Your search ends here! The Furniture Labels supplies ergonomic office furniture of the highest quality everywhere in the UAE.

Whether your requirement is for an ergonomic seat tailored for prolonged sitting sessions, a premium executive chair, or a versatile task chair, we have what you need. Our wide selection of well-designed office chairs is sure to keep your office looking stylish and your backs very happy.   

Our office chairs are meticulously produced with cutting-edge ergonomic attributes. Featuring a multitude of styles, materials, and customizable variations, discover the perfect office chair for your needs at The Furniture Labels today!

Best in Quality and Comfort

Our ergonomic office chairs are the result of expert engineering. They are designed to promote proper posture and reduce the strain of long hours of desk work. With the right office chair from the Furniture Labels, you can optimize your workspaces for both efficiency and well-being.

Your go-to supplier for Office Furniture in UAE

We are your one-stop supplier for office furnishing. Our product catalog includes Office Chairs, Desks, Meeting Tables, Storage, Sofas, and Meeting Pods. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we also offer custom fabrication! Our work reflects what we believe in – At The Furniture Labels, an office is more than just a workplace. Problem solving is at the heart of every office, as it is in our design ideology. Our goal is to make offices safe, secure, and enjoyable places – this is how we’re doing our part.


Ergonomic office chairs are specially designed to provide optimal support and comfort while working at a computer or desk for extended periods of time.

They are designed with adjustable mechanisms that allow the users to adapt the chair to their individual height, posture, and comfort. These mechanisms include seat height, backrest angle and height, armrests, lumbar support, hip-angle adjustability, headrest angle and tension control.

At the Furniture Labels, we pride ourselves on being a top choice as an office design support system. Our curated collection of ergonomic chairs are rich in features – adjustable, flexible, well designed products – all for the perfect price!

Apart from giving your office that sleek and stylish corporate look, ergonomic office chairs create an environment where employees experience reduced fatigue and provides improved health benefits such as a better posture and a healthier back, increased productivity and greater job satisfaction.

1. Seat height and width

An ideal chair should be flexible and adjustable to suit each user. The ideal sitting position is one where the chair is adjusted so as your thighs are parallel to the floor. To make this easier, look for a pneumatic seat height adjustment level when choosing an office chair.

2. Lumbar Support

Pick an office chair that supports the base of your spine and the natural contour of your back. The best office chairs for the human back have a firm support at the base of your spine which stops you from slouching and developing a bad posture as the long office day progresses.

3. Armrest Comfort

Arm rests take some of the strain off your neck and shoulders when work hours are long and one is seated for a long time. Make sure to choose a chair with adjustable arm rests that allow you to rest your elbows at an angle where your posture doesn’t slouch.

4. Mobility with Swivel and Caster Wheels

A good office chair allows you flexible mobility and leaves you free to do a wide range of tasks without hindrance. Make sure that the chairs rotation mechanism is free and smooth. When choosing a chair with casters, also consider the flooring material in the office space. Casters that roll smoothly on a hardwood or tiled floor might not always work as well on a carpeted floor. For fuzzy, lumpy or uneven surfaces, choose a chair with bigger casters.

5. Material and Build Quality

Choose a material that suits your body type, dressing style, and the overall aesthetic of the office space. Breathable fabrics or a mesh back are great choices for long term sitting. Make sure to get a chair with the right amount and firmness of padding – one that is too hard is uncomfortable and a chair that’s too soft wouldn’t offer proper support.

Getting a sturdy chair with good build quality is a good investment for long term results. The best product is the one that serves you well and for a long time.

Task chairs are typically for the busy office employees. They have a lower backrest, a smaller seat, and are lighter in weight and suited for long work hours. They are generally less expensive and more basic than executive chairs.

Executive chairs are usually more comfortable and luxurious than task chairs, with premium features like higher backs, more padding, and more adjustments. They often come in premium materials like leather and have a polished and professional appearance.

Lumbar support on an office chair should fit comfortably into the curve of your lower back. Lumbar back support in your chair helps to promote good posture by filling in the gap between the spine and the seat in order to support the natural curve of the lower back. To get the full effect of your ergonomic chair it is advised to sit up straight against the back of the chair with your feet flat on the ground.

Quality is the first consideration for a long-hour office chair. It should have enough cushioning so that the user doesn’t feel sore after sitting for a long time. For hours of sitting at a stretch, consider a chair that uses breathable materials.

This prevents a sweaty back, which is very common with finishes like leather. Choose a chair with an adjustable headrest as well; this will allow you to lie back on your head when you’re taking a break from the screen.

This prevents a sweaty back, which is very common with finishes like leather. Choose a chair with an adjustable headrest as well; this will allow you to lie back on your head when you’re taking a break from the screen.

Do I need flexible mobility while using the chair? Will I need to go back and forth between stations while working?

How much am I willing to spend for a good chair?

What features matter to me the most?

By asking these questions, will be able to limit your search to a few select options vastly.

Yes, armrests on an ergonomic office chair are important for providing support and comfort for the arms. Armrests help to reduce the stress on wrists, shoulders and upper back by allowing users to rest their arms while typing or using a mouse. Armrests should be adjustable so that they can fit specific user needs such as height, width and angle of inclination. Without armrests, your posture may suffer which can lead to increased discomfort and pain in the long term. Therefore it is recommended to use armrests with an ergonomic chair for optimal physical health benefits.

On average, office chairs last between seven and eight years. Here are a few signs that your chair has seen better days and needs replacing:

  1. The chair is damaged or broken.
  2. The chair seat has flattened over time.
  3. The seat feels lumpy and/or uncomfortable.
  4. Your back or bottom feels sore after extended hours of sitting.
  5. The chair just doesn’t feel right.

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