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It’s safe to say that an office executive desk is the focal point of an office room. It needs to take care of everything from storage, organization and providing an ample work surface. You don’t go shopping for an executive desk often, which is why it’s important that you get it right the first time. We’ve made it easy for you – just follow the easy guide listen below.

Here’s everything you need to consider when buying a Modern Executive Desk:

Make a List of all your Work Needs

From computer screen to stapler, make a list of everything you use in a normal work day. A fashion designer may need a lot of desk space and a variety of storage for various sample boards and catalogues, while an insurance agent might need a set of secure filing cabinets. Consulting an expert in smart office design can help you get your priorities sorted.

Be Clear About the Space Layout

The basic idea of office design, especially when there is a space constraint, is thinking about how best to use the space that’s available to you. Having a clear layout plan ready before choosing the executive office desk is important, as this will determine the size, nature, and flexibility of the furniture pieces that you choose. 

Choosing a work desk for a home office is relatively easy, as the small scale makes the task much more flexible. But when it comes to full-fledged offices, an expert opinion just might come in handy. A consultant can help you plan your space keeping in mind concerns that you may not have thought of; such as how to position your furniture to make the best use of natural light.

Balance Both Form and Function

An office by itself requires a lot of different pieces of furniture. Maintaining a theme can help bring the look of your office together. For example, having a walnut veneered finish on your workstations, executive desks, console tables and reception desk can bring the look of the office together. Keeping a constant theme in terms of colour, material and finishes can help avoid a mismatched looking office.

Keep your Budget in Mind

Budget can be an issue, especially for a start-up. You must always inform your consultant how much your company can afford to spend on furniture. This can help them narrow down the type of furniture to look for beforehand.

Choose Furniture That Work For You

In today’s market, a customer is spoilt for choice when it comes to office furniture. But how do you choose the desk that’s best for you? 

The idea is to always have your mode of operation in mind. Consider your daily work routine. Compare it with every piece that you consider buying. Always ask yourself if the piece you intend to buy can help you work more efficiently.

A good work station integrates technology effectively. Think about every single electronic component that aids your work. Find a desk with effective wire management if you require it.

In the habit of a morning coffee? Find a desk with any easily cleaned surface that doesn’t stain. Keep your storage needs in mind, and make sure to choose an ergonomic desk; or even a standing desk if that’s what works for you! A set of height adjustable desks can work wonders for you if you’re a fidgety worker who appreciates flexibility in your work routine.

Opt for Furniture that Portray You and Your Brand Identity

This is where you consider aesthetics. Would you prefer a desk that’s classic or fancy? Wood has a very homely feel, while glass and steel give off a minimalist, industrial vibe. Try incorporating your Brand identity and colour scheme into your furniture choices; or work with an expert who can do that for you.

Choose Furniture that are both Flexible and Functional

Choose furniture with multiple functionalities and modular application. For example, the Miranda Series takes customization to the extreme, offering a wide variety of option in finishes, application, worktops, size and dimension. These systems are designed in such a way that allows for you to create workstation clusters within an open office space; forming visual barriers and essentially demarcating ecosystems within a holistic office.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this desk meet all my storage needs? 
  • Are the drawers smooth to operate? Are they squeaky?
  • Are you able to freely stretch your legs under the desk after a tedious hour of work?

A smart-looking desk is great, but if it isn’t functional it can hamper your productivity rather than assist it.

Don’t Forget about Filing and Storage!

In a well-planned office, everything has its own place. There’s no point to a good looking desk if it’s constantly piled up with paperwork and work supplies. 

In case of limited available space, consider making use of vertical surfaces like walls and columns to install storage units. For a busy office, having an effective storage system means utilizing every last square inch of space. 

Consider the mode of storage that your company employs. Do you require a lot of shelving, or are most of your company’s data recorded and stored digitally? The M6 range offers a lot of flexibility in this regard, making it possible to combine work surfaces, file storage, pedestal cabinets and other options to adapt your office to the best your needs.

We Source and Supply Every Type of Executive Desk:

L Shape Executive Desk:

An L shape desk is a natural choice for most users. The L shape is formed by a wide and spacious desk top with storage on the side. These executive desk with drawers are best placed adjacent to a wall, and offers the best utility in terms of workspace, storage and organisation.

U Shape Executive Desk:

The U shaped Executive Desk takes the L shape to the next level by adding an extra storage unit on the other side. This additional side can be adjoined or a separate credenza-like desk with drawers. The U shape Executive Office Desk is perfect for someone who wants to maximize on workspace. Shop for a U-Shaped executive desk in a wide range of finishes, textures and features with The Furniture Labels.

Luxury Executive Desk:

We manufacture and install all kinds of luxury executive desks in Dubai, Sharjah and all over the UAE. Choose from our catalogue of statement luxury desks, or talk to us about what you’re looking for and we will fabricate it to your exact specifications.

The Finest Quality at the Best Price

The Furniture Labels only stocks and supplies the finest quality of products. This is what makes us the best executive desk supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, and all across the UAE. With our vast collection and fabrication services, we’re sure to get you the desk you need at the best price. Drop us a message to get in touch and let’s start planning your brand new office today.


An executive desk is usually much larger than a regular office desk. An executive desk is for top-ranking officials and has a formal look. They are designed to impress and usually cost more than your average desk.

These are the most popular types of executive desks:

  • Rectangular Executive Desk
  • L Shaped Executive Desk
  • U Shaped Executive Desk

Do you mostly work on your computer and deal with minimal paperwork? A standard rectangular desk will work for you. A L-shaped executive desk if a great choice for an executive worker who needs additional storage for records and paperwork. If you’re a company official who spends a lot of time in the office, needs lots of storage and could use extra work space, a U-shaped desk is probably the best choice for you.

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