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Meeting pods are a great way to add function to an expansive lobby and make use of an open space. Soundproof meeting booths are a great addition to a busy common area where finding a quiet room to have a meeting can be difficult. The Furniture Labels specialises in the supply and installation of premium booths and meeting pods in Dubai, Sharjah, and all across the UAE.  Explore our range of Meeting pods online or reach out for a quote on your particular needs.

Functional Solutions for the Modern Workspace

Gone are the days of stuffy cubicles and closed office spaces. Recent trends in office design have made way for open office plans, airy workspaces and lots of natural light. The exit of partitions meant a collaborative work environment, but at the cost of quiet spaces. 

Modern office design is all about recognizing the individual needs of each worker. Everyone’s requirements aren’t the same – different individuals need different environments depending on the work they need to get done. Meeting pods ‘the best of both worlds’ – they provide employees easy access to meet with their teams in a quiet, functional environment.

Here’s why your office needs Private Meeting Pods:

Meeting pods have become a must-have for the productive, professional office. Here’s a quick recap of how meeting pods and booths can boost productivity, professionalism, and collaboration:

  1. On-demand access to privacy improves focus, concentration, and workflow
  2. Greater confidentiality for private calls and meetings
  3. Noise and visual isolation reduces distractions and interruptions
  4. Flexibility, mobility, and ease of installation
  5. Saves space compared to building enclosed offices
  6. Contemporary and stylish design improves office ambiance
  7. Creates professional meeting spaces for employees and clients
  8. Promotes inclusive collaboration among teams
  9. Integrates seamlessly into open office layouts

Best Meeting Pod Supplier in Dubai

There’s a reason why we’re the best meeting pod supplier – we’ve got a solution for every challenge! Are you worried that meeting pods will breaking up a dynamic space? We’ve got portable meeting booths that can easily be moved wherever you please. A busy and noisy common area? Choose from our wide range of soundproof meeting pods and booths. Need an isolated space for confidential discussions? We’ve got plenty of private meeting pods for you, and I can guarantee that, when you put them in your office you will love them.

Sound Proof Meeting Pods for the Modern Workplace

Modern business models demand an integration of workspaces. Today’s businesses see a high volume of video conferences, zoom calls, online team meetings and remote client interactions. Our insulated meeting pods ensure privacy for these conversations. They also provide excellent acoustic protection to avoid all types of sounds and disturbances from outside. They are essentially the ‘noise cancelling headphones’ for office team meetings!

Office Meeting Pods at the Best Price

We provide the best office meeting pods supply and customization service in Dubai. Our products are top-quality and affordable, and we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. And if we don’t, we can make it for you! Client satisfaction is our number one priority for us.

Widest Scope for Integrated Technology

Our Meeting pods are constructed off-site and shipped directly to your place of work. Our products bring the versatility of private offices to the open plan. That means providing the versatility of private office spaces – we can equip your meeting pods with electrical outlets and USB outlets for phone charging. We can adjust the lighting to your specific requirements. We also supply electrical raceways to mount flat screen monitors. Meeting Pods and Booths are a great way to introduce private collaboration zones to Dubai offices.


A ‘meeting pod,’ is a modular small office that is set up within an open office or a warehouse. Based on your requirements, there is a wide range to choose from with a variety of styles and features. Get in touch with us to know more about our different meeting booths and find the one that’s perfect for you and your office.

We can only say that “it depends.” As a top supplier of Meeting pods in Dubai, we offer a wide range of Meeting pods from small booths to much larger meeting pods. Our Products come in a variety of styles and materials. Rest assured that whatever your requirement, we’ve got the solution for you. Contact us for a custom quote to learn how much a Meeting pod of your requirement will cost.

Office pods offer a many benefits, namely:

  • Privacy and focus: Office pods are great as a private space to work or make calls without distractions.
  • Better collaboration: Office pods can be used for small meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • Boosts productivity: they’re the perfect space for when you need a quiet environment to focus on tasks without distractions.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Employees who make use of office pods often report feeling more satisfied with their work environment.

We take care of everything from processing the order, safe delivery and installation. You do not have to worry about any of the logistics involved.

Most of our office pods come with seating and a desk, (fixed / adjustable), lighting and ventilation. We can also make provisions for phone line connections, monitors, power outlets and USB charging ports.

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