There are two main types of office storage in addition to shelves and drawers, which are:

Vertical Office Cabinets:

These tall, vertical shelved units have at least one pair of vertical doors to open. These are ideal for long term storage of larger volumes of resources. These are easy to access, fit well in constrained corners of the office, and can hold a large volume. Choose these if you don’t have a lot of floor space and need to maximize on your vertical space for storage.

Horizontal Office Cabinets:

Often called credenzas. these cabinets are long, wide and short file drawers. These usually come with sliding doors or pull-out paper filing systems. They are convenient as accents in an executive or shared office, and provide an additional working surface in the office space. Choose these if you need to constantly access the storage from a seated position.

Everything from a simple shelf unit to a high security vault are considered as office storage! Here’s what you need to consider to choose the cabinet that’s perfect for you and your needs:

Do you need security?

Choose storage options depending on the amount of security and safety you need. Invest in a unit that that has a locking mechanism if you feel you need a secure storage unit.

What is the nature of things you need to store?

For primarily storing paperwork and documents, look for a product that has multiple drop down file systems. If you think you’re going to store a variety of supplies and resources, choose a more versatile piece with shelves that you can customize according to need in the future.

Will you storage needs expand over the coming years? Will you a solution that is future ready?

There are many storage solutions that offer add on or additional built in units that can be purchased and added later. For example, when shopping for workstations or executive desks, choose one that allows for a mobile cabinet unit to be added underneath for additional storage room in the future.

Office Storage solutions are available in a wide range of colors, materials and finishes. Choose ones that complement your office design and branding more. Popular materials for office storage cabinets are metal (strong and durable), wood (aesthetic and durable, but expensive), fiber boards and plywood (versatile and easily customized) or glass (looks good, but hard to maintain).

Our services are available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and all across the UAE. We take pride in the fact that we give our clients complete freedom to choose the best storage solutions to suit their needs. Our extensive collection of options include storage cabinets, shelves, workspace storage, documents filing cabinets, or any other solution you may need. We also offer custom fabrication solutions to your specific requirements.

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