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Office Chairs are possibly the most iconic, yet largely overlooked aspect of office design. Although it may just look like a bunch of chairs and tables put together, your office’s layout is based on the work structure and corporate buildup of your specific company; and office chairs quite literally lend the basic support to this algorithm.

Backaches and a pained neck are common complaints amongst today’s workforce. The trick to tackling this problem involves looking at the broader picture rather than to focus on just sitting as the problem. A healthy day should find the right balance between standing, sitting and walking; and various factors like gender, age and body-size factor into this equation. Because of this.

The market today is flooded with various options when it comes to office chairs, but the fact remains that even if you’re ready to invest, that state-of-the-art upholstered swivel chair might not necessarily be the best option for you. How then can one choose the chair best suited to their specific need?

This where the concept of ergonomics come into play. By carefully considering the nature of one’s work and their personal preferences and build, you can make sure that your office space is best equipped to cater to the needs of your workforce. The smart thing to do would be to bring in an expert who can help you address the individual needs, preferences and comfort of your employees; thereby finding the furniture that can be of the best use to you. A salesperson might not necessarily require the same chair as an office accountant; and this is where an expert opinion can help you.

But breaking open the bank isn’t going to help if you don’t have access to the right resources. Choosing the right desk chair is a decision that affects you on a very personal plane and finding the right consultant can make all the difference. Leading companies have ergonomics experts who can visit your office and offer trial periods with pieces that they think are best suited for your needs, giving you a chance to get up close and personal with the chairs. This lets you choose based on personal experience rather than speculation; and thus, ensures complete satisfaction.

While comparing options, here is a checklist of a few ergonomic conditions that you can consider finding the best chair for you:

  • General Adjustability
    Movement helps reduce built-up pressure on the spine, prevents cramps and facilitates blood flow. A chair that is adjustable can be adapted to fit your changing requirements. Therefore, it’s important to find one that supports bodily movement and encourages the right posture.
  • Seat Height Adjustment
    Your chair should allow proper seat adjustment; so that when seated, your thighs are parallel to the floor, your knees bent, and feet planted firmly on the ground or footrest. The backrest must fully support your back; and there should be an appropriate distance between the crook of your knees and the edge of the seat. For instance, the Stella Chair, equipped with the BIFMA Standard Asynchro mechanism system supports the user in any position by allowing them to tilt easily from upright to reclined positions. Although you can just find a chair that suits these needs, having one with an adjustable height and depth helps achieve lasting comfort for multiple users.
  • Reclining Backrest
    An easily reclining chair encourages posture change throughout the day and relieves some of the tension from weighting down on one’s lower back. Changes in position has been observed to increase attention span and comfort level; and so, you must choose a chair lets you recline easily without putting strain on your back, neck or eyes. Take for example the WAU, designed with an ingenious ‘Moulded Elastomer’ which allows for ‘flex zones’ engineered to suit individual needs, as opposed to uniform tension pressure provided by a mesh back.
  • Comfortable Armrests
    An ideal armrest facilitates the natural and necessary degree of support for the forearm, wrist, shoulders and neck; and the armrest’s height, width, pivot, and depth adjustability factor into how best suited it is for you. There are some exceptionally unique designs in the market today that can provide a truly personalized support for your arms; like the Fulkrum which features a set of two-way armrests which can swivel into three angular positions, also available with a four-way armrest or optional loop armrest.
  • Optimal Lumbar Support
    A chair with optimized lumbar support should offer an adjustable seat and backrest. This is an especially important consideration if there will be multiple users for the chair, as then everyone should be able to find their level of comfort in it. An office chair that doesn’t have an adjustable back height or a freely height-adjustable support can prove to be uncomfortable for some users. The Exact Chair comes with a lumbar support pad easy adjusted by side knobs, ensuring precise support for every spinal curve.

An ideal chair doesn’t need to cost you its weight in gold. An expert well-experienced in the field can help you identify the chair that’s best for you without breaking the bank. An office chair often proves to be the heart of the office experience while at the same time submits to an idea of collective teamwork. After all, what makes your work-force exceptional is just that: not what they can each do alone, but what they can achieve together!

What desk chairs would look best in your office?

Although maintaining a uniform aesthetic is important in office design, the priority is always comfort and maintaining a healthy posture as far as desk chairs are concerned. The trick is to either go for classic and muted designs that complement the existing office or opt for radical and stylish statement pieces that bring character to the whole space. For instance, consider the POGO, a sophisticated model that isn’t for everyone. The smooth contours and curves of this injection-moulded polypropylene piece defines elegance paired with comfort and is a good candidate if you’re looking for a chair that fits an uber-stylish aesthetic.

What is the best way to find and buy office chairs in bulk?

Once you find a trusted consultant, everything else is easy. An expert can help you find the best chair suited to your needs, be it a plush leather executive chair or a set of stackable modular seaters. An experienced consultant will be well connected and can easily help you find suppliers for bulk orders, and professionals for safe conveyance and assembly.

What are the coolest chairs best suited for a startup?

Investment is often an issue for start-ups. The key to finding a chair that’s easy on the back but goes easy on the pocket is consulting with the right people from the start. If you’re a newcomer in the corporate world, connecting with the right consultants and suppliers from the start can help you save on unnecessary expenses. They can help you find minimalist quality pieces that are sleek, stylish and embody the spirit of young enterprise.

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