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Does your office have a pantry area? Modern offices put a lot of emphasis on common spaces. More and more companies are choosing to break away from the traditional closed office set up and opting for an open plan, common rooms and lively pantry areas. Studies have shown that open spaces boost creativity and collaboration in an office. If your “office pantry” is a standing table and electric kettle in a corner of your office, here’s why you should consider having a well-planned pantry in your office.

Why your Office needs a Well-Planned Office Pantry

Boosts Productivity

It’s next to impossible to focus on work when you’re hungry or thirsty – you’ll know this if you’ve ever worked in an office. In the absence of an office pantry, employees have to make trips to coffeshops or convenience stores – this takes wastes precious time and effort. A well-planned pantry helps employees concentrate on work and feel valued by the company.

Builds a sense of Belonging

Without a pantry, your workforce will disperse during lunch break to different places to eat. An office pantry means that your employees spend more time together and bond. An office pantry might even be considered an investment in a positive work culture and happiness!

Encourages Work-Breaks

And yes, that’s a good thing! Continuous hours in front of a computer isn’t good for anyone, and employee health and wellbeing should be a priority for you. You don’t want your employees feeling stifled in the office. A warm and welcoming pantry is a great place for them to grab a coffee and stretch their legs for that much needed mini-break. 

Leading Pantry Chair Supplier in Dubai

The Furniture Labels has a legacy of providing only the very best in office furniture. We are very particular about the manufacturers we partner with and the products we supply undergo rigorous quality checks. Modern, minimal, luxury – whichever vibe you’re going for, we’ve got the perfect pieces for you. We supply everything you need for your office space, be it accessories, seating and space dividers.


There are many benefits of having an office pantry, which are:

  • Positive workplace culture
  • A common space for the employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Saves time on going out for lunch
  • A happy and well-fed workforce

Even if your office is small and you can’t spare a large and spacious space, you can still set a mini-pantry in a quiet side of your office. We can still work with a quiet corner that preferably has a window. You can set a small standing table, a couple of stools, and an electric kettle on a wall mounted shelf. Talk to us today and let’s figure out how to best set your office pantry in the available space.

It doesn’t! In fact, it’s a great idea to set your office pantry using bright and vibrant colours that are different from your brand colours. This will provide a welcome break from the “corporate” feel and help your employees feel relaxed.

Firstly, a pantry should have a pantry table and chairs for users to eat and drink. It’s also good to have a facility for them to reheat their food, and an electric kettle for making tea or coffee. If you have the space, go for a shelf or table top for snacks, sauces, etc. Interested to know more? Get in touch with us, and let’s build an office pantry your employees will love!

Our portfolio of office furniture is vast. You’re sure to find what you love when you have plenty of options. Talk to us about your specific needs and we can source the furniture perfect for you. We work with your budget in mind. Rest assured that we supply only the finest quality furniture. Drop us a call to know more!

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